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                  The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) aims to preserve Jewish community life in the Diaspora, to develop Jewish national culture and tradition, and supports various programs in education, social aid, exchange of information, and cultural initiatives for the Jewish communities of the region with this goal in mind.

                  Thanks to the EAJC, many “minor communities” received direct representations in international Jewish organizations, and now have their own powerful voice at the plenary assemblies of the World Jewish Congress. Through the use of  EAJC status and opportunities provided by it, local communities received the opportunity to directly interact with other communities, including foreign ones.

                  EAJC devotes much attention to the development of religious tradition. The aid of the Congress allows many countries and cities to open new synagogues and restore old ones, as well as holy sites, and community centers.
                  To solidify Diaspora solidarity with the Jewish state, the EAJC participates in the “Sherutrom” programs and other solidarity programs, thanks to which many families from the former Soviet Union whose children serve in the Israel Defense Forces may visit Israel and see their children. The Congress also attends to the fates of soldiers and officers of the Israel Defense Forces who have participated in battles and have been wounded.
                  The development of a multi-tiered dialogue with representatives of other ethnicities and religions. Temples for believers of Abrahamic religions are being built with EAJC aid. The EAJC also actively helps to provide Jewish representation on world congresses of world and and traditional religions, to organize conferences and meetings as part of intercivilizational, interethnic, interreligious and intercultural dialogue.
                  The assertion of tolerance in society is also a constant direction of Congress work. The EAJC supports the program “Tolerance – Lessons of the Holocaust” for middle school teachers, which successdully works in different countries of the Eurasian region. Summer “Camps of Tolerance” have been active for several years now. The EAJC invites children of various nationalities for a live introduction to the traditions and cultures of the peoples represented at these camps.
                  Work is being done as part of the EAJC project “Development” to attract as many representatives of the business community as possible to Congress activity, so as to be able to use their potential to solve tasks set before the organization.
                  The EAJC has a number of expert groups, whose tasks include the following:
                  • the monitoring of anti-Semitism, which provides the information EAJC uses when working in OSCE conferences, the Global Forum on Anti-Semitism, and other international forums dedicated to solving the problem of xenophobia;
                  • the analysis of regional country laws which affect communities in any form;
                  • publication of educational and historical texts, as well as memoirs.
                  The EAJC as part of its activity supports a number of general Jewish programs, such as Limud, which represents the widest specter of innovative Jewish education and unites Jewish young people from around the world. The Congress is also interested in supporting separate cultural, educational, and community initiatives.