The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) Appeal to the leadership of the EAJC member states
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                  The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) Appeal to the leadership of the EAJC member states

                  The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) Appeal to the leadership of the EAJC member states


                  Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC), representing the interests of hundreds of thousands of Jews of the two continents, refers to the leadership of the States, the Jewish communities of which are EAJC members, to express its concern regarding the attempt of the Palestinian Authorities to claim a special status "independent state, that is not a member of the UN" during the 66th session of the UN General Assembly.
                  This provocative attempt is targeting the position of the State of Israel on the issue.  Without consideration of the Israeli position the declaration of a Palestinian state is unthinkable and unacceptable.
                  EAJC in any case is not questioning the very idea of a Palestinian state. But this state should exist alongside with Israel, not instead of it.
                  We are convinced that the declaration of a Palestinian state can only be the final stage of the Israeli—Palestinian conflict settlement, and the two-state solution should be the result of direct negotiations between the parties on all the issues separating them. However, any agreement must guarantee peace and security of Israel.
                  Before declaring their own state the Palestinians must define its territorial boundaries. The principle of "two states for two peoples" may become a reality only if the Palestinians would recognize the Jewish state and its right of the inviolability of borders.
                  Despite the fact that the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state would be just a symbolic act, it will allow the political provocateurs, to continue and to strengthen their anti-Israel activities.
                  EAJC calls on the authorities of those countries, which Jewish communities and organizations it unites, to carefully consider their position, and not to take decisions for the sake of political expediency, that threaten a new round of escalation of the situation in the region and deepens the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

                  Vadim Shulman,

                  Michael Chlenov,
                  Secretary General

                  Josef Zisels,
                  General Council Chairman

                  Alexander Baron,
                  Presidium Member