Darkeinu Runs ‘Forward-thinking’ Seminar in Odessa
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                  Darkeinu Runs ‘Forward-thinking’ Seminar in Odessa

                  Darkeinu Runs ‘Forward-thinking’ Seminar in Odessa

                  06.01.2020, Community Life

                  Teachers and pedagogical staff of Russian-language Jewish schools throughout the FSU and Israel gathered in Odesa, Ukraine last month for an educational seminar run by FJC’s Darkeinu curriculum.

                  Overall 29 Jewish studies’ professionals from 14 cities participated in the three-day seminar, whose program this year was focused on learning new educational techniques; networking; exchanging ideas and experiences.

                  “The Darkeinu seminar was like an explosion of creativity and energy for me in the midst of a yearly work routine,” said one of the participants, Mrs. Rivkah Feldman, a teacher from Odessa. “We learned so much about using modern technology in teaching, implementing up-to-date programs in our daily lessons.”

                  Amongst the seminar’s lectors were Darkeinu mentors, invited guests and methodologists. The program was packed, but the group found some time to tour the city for a half-day excursion during which connections and friendships were made. On the last day, the group visited the local Jewish school for open lessons and hands-on demonstrations.

                  “I was struck by how forward-thinking the seminar was,” said Mrs. Maria Verbitskaya, a teacher from Zhytomyr. “Kids these days often know more about technology than their teachers, and it is very important for us to develop our skills in this direction – to provide enticing content and know-how to keep the children’s attention. I think the organizers did a great job,” she said.

                  The seminar was part of Darkeinu’s “School of Pedagogical Mastery” program that provides continuous training to teachers employing the Darkeinu curriculum in Jewish studies lessons throughout the year.